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Donate to Our Cause!

So many animals to help, with so few resources


Here at Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue, we do our best to reach as many animals as possible with our limited resources. Being a non-profit organization presents many financial challenges which depend on our community to overcome.


These donations help us provide care to rescued animals as well as emergency medical assistance, dog houses, and supplies to animals in need. We humbly thank all those who are able to help support their local animal rescue organizations!


Even if you can't afford to donate, you can still help us tremendously by using the share button right at the top of this paragraph to spread the word and support our cause! Every donation AND share alike helps us reach more people and pets!



If you prefer to send a check for your donation rather than donating online, our mailing address is below.

Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue

939 Boy Scout Road

Boswell, PA 15501

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