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Equine   Foster Agreement

Confidentiality Statement

I, understand that certain information pertaining to Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue, Inc. may be confidential in nature and that I am to use discretion in discussing policies, current cases and other related issues with non-members. I also understand that it is my privilege as a foster to be party to certain email lists, and that no email messages that I receive from these lists may be forwarded to anyone not belonging to that list without first obtaining permission from a member of the Board of Directors. I have read, understand, and agree to adhere to the statement outlines herein.

Terms and Conditions

1) Foster Home understands and agrees that equines placed in their care for fostering are the sole property of the organization, foster care is provided voluntarily because foster home wants to help rescued equines, foster care is temporary until a permanent home can be secured.

2) Foster Home understands that the Organization may, at its discretion, remove any equine fostered from their property and care at any time.

3)  Foster Home understands and agrees that if they require or desire to cease fostering an equine for the Organization, notice must be given to an officer of the Organization thirty (30) days prior to the date the equine must leave.

4) Foster Home understands that questions or concerns should be presented to the Organization prior to signing this agreement.

5) Foster home agrees to provide hay, grain, water, and sanitary living conditions to the equine in their foster care. If Foster Home needs reimbursed for the cost of hay and grain it must be requested in writing and authorized by an Organization officer prior to signing this agreement.

6) Foster Home agrees to schedule and be present for farrier and veterinary care for fostered equines. The Organization will cover vaccinations, coggins testing (if required) and medically necessary veterinary costs for fostered equines. Organization must be notified of a veterinary/farrier visit a minimum of 48 hours prior to the appointment unless it is an emergency.

7) Foster Home agrees to comply in a timely manner with the requests from the Organization for information about any equines owned by the Organization and in their foster care.

8) Foster Home agrees to allow potential adopters of any equine(s) owned by the Organization, access to said equine(s) for purposes of pre-adoption visits

9) Foster Home understands and agrees that any equine owned by the Organization and in their foster care may not be sold, given away, leased out, sent to slaughter, removed from their personal supervision, or moved from the designated address on foster application.

10) In the event of an emergency, Foster Home understands that they may move any equine owned by the Organization and in their care to a safe place. Foster Home agrees to give the Organization notice (in person, by telephone, or email) of the new location of the equine(s) within twelve (12) hours of moving them.

11) Foster Home agrees that should it become necessary to euthanize any equine owned by the organization, the Organization will be immediately notified prior to the euthanasia being performed.

12) Foster Home agrees that an authorized representative of the Organization may enter the property where any fostered equine resides, with or without notice.

13) Foster Home understands that any equine related activity involving horses is inherently dangerous and agrees to assume all liability and hold the Organization, their members, volunteers and agents harmless for any injuries or damages. Foster Home understands that once they received a foster equine for foster care, that equine is legally in their care, custody and control and to be treated kindly and responsibly.


I, understand I am applying to foster an equine from Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue, Inc. (herein referred to H4H Animal Rescue). I understand that I must complete the application procedure and have the equine property or boarding facility inspected and approved before being allowed to foster an equine from H4H Animal Rescue, I understand that I may not be able to foster the equine I am interested in for various reasons. In addition, I understand the H4H Animal Rescue may perform a background check to verify my personal information as well as check for any criminal convictions.


By submitting this application, I agree that I have read and understand the Foster Agreement of H4H Animal Rescue. I understand that I must submit a complete application in accordance with the policies before being considered as a foster applicant. I understand that if I foster an equine from H4H Animal Rescue I will be subject to follow up visits in accordance with the Foster Agreement. I may never sell, give away, lease out, send to slaughter, etc. the equine I foster. I also understand that I may never use the equine for breeding purposes. I also agree H4H Animal Rescue is not liable in the event of injury, death, or damages to any human, animal or property as a result or actions of the equine I foster.


I further agree to accept all responsibility for any action or lien resulting from any action, directly or indirectly involving said equine(s) while in my care. Therefore, I agree and understand that neither Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue, Inc. nor its members, volunteers or agents will be liable for any damages or injury caused to me or any third person by the equine(s) once I receive delivery of it, including but not limited to damages or injuries caused by the fact that the equine(s) does not behave or perform in the manner I expected. Further, if any third person makes a claim against Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue, Inc. or any of its members, volunteers or agents as a result of any conduct of the equine(s) in my possession, I agree to indemnify and hold Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue, Inc., its members, volunteers and agents harmless from any such claim, including costs and attorney’s fee resulting from such claim.


Every effort has been made to disclose the history of these equines AS WE KNOW IT. These are rescued equines, and in some circumstances, we may have little or no knowledge about the equine’s prior life or training. We will tell you everything we know about the equine however, we cannot make any guarantees about an equine’s temperament or training. 


I have read the application and agreement in its entirety, and I agree that all statements and agreements contained in this document are made and are truthful, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.

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