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* Companionship without a lifetime commitment.


*Animals that have endured hardship can really use a loving home, one in which they can get used to living with people again.


* Some are in search of a temporary home as their owners are unable to keep them due to health, moving, etc. and need someone to look after them until they find their forever home.


*Fostering provides a great lesson in compassion, nurturing, and generosity to children and it's a wonderful, life-affirming experience for an entire family, a couple, or a single individual.


*If you already have one or more dogs/cats, one more won't make a difference to you, but it sure will make a big difference to the foster dog/cat who otherwise might not have a second chance at life.


*Fostering increases the likelihood of adoption and dramatically reduces the chances of an animal being returned. If your foster dog/cay is loved and accepted in it's new home, it is because of you!!


*Increased "human interaction" greatly helps foster dogs who often come from neglectful or abusive situations... and let's not forget what "canine interaction" can do for you.


*You undoubtedly will get attatched but when you meet the new family that's ready to provide a permanent, loving forever home for the dog/cat you helped rescue through fostering, you will feel more than satisfied to see him move to his new life.


*You get to show and teach your foster dog/cat what their life should be like.


*More foster homes means more dogs/cats saved from the shelters and possible death... FOSTERING IS A TRUE WAY TO SAVE A LIFE!!!

Why Foster?

Prior to fostering, please fill out a volunteer application. Thank You!
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