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Under the new Pennsylvania animal cruelty law, abuse of horses will now be treated the same as that of cats, dogs, and other pets.


Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue has hired 2 Humane Society Police Officers to serve Cambria County. This now makes us responsible for the care and rehabilitation for abandoned, neglected, abused and malnourished horses. We are in the process of creating an Equine Committee so that all resources necessary to provide care for these beautiful animals are in place. If you would like to be a part of this committee, please fill out a volunteer application available on our website.

This individuals on this committee must have knowledge and experience in caring for horses. We are in need of foster homes/facilitates to house these animals. it is important to consider that most of these horses will require extra care due to neglect and or abuse. A part of this committee will be individuals who have a horse trailer and or a truck capable of towing a trailer. If you would like to foster a horse, please fill out an equine foster/adopt application.

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