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Humane Law Enforcement 

Officer Brandon Ensley
Officer Emily Christoff

Animal cruelty and animal neglect are issues that are all too common in our area. The reality of these situations touches the lives of all citizens, pet-owners and non-pet-owners alike. With Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue, our Humane Society Police Officer serves as a valuable resource for citizens to call to report animal abuse. We provide investigative and law enforcement support to all of Cambria County, ensuring that all animals are given the protection they all deserve under the law.


The services of the Humane Society Police Officer are provided entirely through our organization. We rely solely on Donations, Fundraisers, and Grants. We are reaching out to the community asking that you would make it possible for us to continue this service by donating. We speak for the animals of Cambria County. They need your help!

To report animal cruelty, call (814) 262-5450

What the Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue Humane Society Police Officer Does

* Serves as a police officer to enforce the cruelty laws under the authority granted by the state statue title 22 Pa. C.S.A. Chapter 37


* Investigates cases of animal cruelty, neglect and animal fighting.


* Educates the community and pet owners on proper ownership.

* Appear in court to prosecute animal abusers

* Work to make sure that pets and people are safe in our community

* Rely solely on donations from individuals in the community

What A Humane Society Police Officer Can Not Do

In Pennsylvania a Humane Police Officer cannot enforce dog laws such as licensing, rabies vaccinations, dangerous dogs, dog bites, barking complaints and running-at-large issues.

They are not allowed to enforce any laws that involve theft. Custody conflicts regarding animals are usually civil in nature and should be adressed by an attorney.

A Humane Society Police Officer is not allowed to give legal advice, nor can he/she enforce any local ordinances.

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