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Pet care tips

 Our pets are some of our most treasured friends. They love us unconditionally and provide companionship following a long day. In return, they depend on us to provide for their health and welfare. We need to provide proper nourishment, medical attention, exercise, and safe conditions, which are all factors we need to consider in caring for a pet. Both winter and summer care can be very important aspects concerning the health of your pet during the year. Extremes of cold and hot temperatures can be a killer for a pet left out.

Pets are often curious, often searching for things to play with or eat. They may eat objects which may be very harmful, or even, deadly. Any obstruction can be devastating to a pet. If your pet stops eating and drinking, or is vomiting, or cannot relieve himself, or has diarrhea:




Click on the links below to learn more about the health and safety of your beloved pet. Your pet is an important and integral part of your family. They are counting on you and they deserve the best possible care you can provide. They are your best friends, always providing unconditional love to you and your family.

Vaccinating Your Pet

When your dog or cat is vaccinated, its immune system produces special substances called antibodies. The antibodies work against viruses or bacteria that cause disease and can be regarded as the body’s “fighter pilots”. It is important to note that vaccines are preventative rather than curative. Vaccinating a sick animal is not going to help and in fact is not advised. A healthy pet with a healthy immune system is required in order to build these protective antibodies in response to a vaccine. 

Vaccines used for the protection of pets are currently divided into core vaccines and non-core vaccines. The former are vaccines that should be given to all pets in all regions because they protect against diseases that are widespread and have serious effects. Non-core vaccines are only given strategically when a particular disease is prevalent in an area or when circumstances predispose to the appearance of the disease. Non-core vaccines are only administered after discussion with your veterinarian to evaluate the risks. 

Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue sponsors 2 low cost Rabies Clinics a year for both dogs and cats. Both the rabies vaccine and DHLPP are recommended and offered at these clinics. Clinic date/time and locations will be posted on the events page of our website as well as our Facebook page.

Spay and Neuter

It's no myth, there is an overpopulation of unwanted pets nationwide and in our state. Every year more thousands of dogs and cats end up homeless in Pennsylvania shelters, and sadly there are just not enough people who adopt from those shelters.

Some animals in shelters are saved from the streets and cruelty, while some are given up by their families. Countless others never make it to shelters and suffer without someone to care for them. Spaying or neutering pets prevents animals from being born accidentally, and is the most effective and humane way to save animals lives.

Thanks to the Nardecchia Spay Neuter Fund, many animals in our area will be surgically altered reducing the number of unwanted litters that would otherwise end up unwanted or homeless animals. if you need assistance with a spay or neuter, please contact them at the above link.

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