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Our Programs

Every year Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue helps hundreds of families throughout Cambria County with Emergency Veterinary Care and pet food with the No Empty Bowls pet food drive. Our goal is to help pet owning families keep their four-legged family members, even during challenging economic times. During these tough times, Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue enables dogs and cats to stay in their loving homes and receive the medical care or nourishment they need.

Even in times of hardships, people will sacrifice medical needs or food for themselves in order to care for and feed the pets they love.

No Empty Bowls enables many people to keep their furry friends' bellies full. These donations/contributions also benefit the animals within our Rescue Network Kennel. Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue will also be reaching out to local food pantries to expand our No Empty Bowls program.

To make a donation to "No Empty Bowls", simply drop off unopened bags or cans of dog or cat food to a Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue collection bin. We also happily accept treats, toys, flea treatment, dog sweaters and cat litter! Please check back often as locations may change. Currently our bins are located at:


410 Town Centre Dr.

Johnstown, PA 15904


Market Basket

1407 Dwight Dr.

Johnstown, PA 15904

Fox Chase Kennels

2455 Somerset Pike

Johnstown, PA 15905

Lead Me On Pet Resort

2346 Somerset Pike

Johnstown, PA 15905

Organize Your Own Pet Food Drive

Through the donations of pet food, "No Empty Bowls" is able to assist many families throughout the year. Monetary donations are also appreciated and make it possible to aid with emergency veterinary care as well.

Hosting your own pet food drive is both meaningful and fun. Get your office, classroom boy/girl scout troop or community group involved by collecting for a this lifesaving program. Complete and submit this form and someone from our board will be in contact with you. Print a copy of the pet donation drive list here.

Emergency Veterinary Care Assistance Grant Program

Anyone who is experiencing financial hardship and has a pet that needs immediate care should call and schedule an appointment with one of the veterinarian's participating in the Emergency Veterinary Care Assistance Grant Program. Each request is handled on a case by case basis and each individual is required to fill out an EVCA Grant Program Application which is available at the veterinarian's office. The veterinarian can provide a voucher in the amount of $25 or $50 depending on the type of office visit. This program is for unexpected illnesses/injuries and not to be used towards annual exams. For more information and a list of veterinarians participating, click here. 

No Empty Bowls

Jackson knows all too well what it's like to be starving. He was severely emaciated when he was rescued. The circumstances surrounding Jackson's neglect were certainly preventable and with the help of the public spreading the word and supporting our cause, we can reach people before situations like this arise. Providing pet food assistance through "No Empty Bowls" and necessary resources to those in need during difficult times is our goal. These aids are not intended to provide long term support, but only to assist during hardships.

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