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How to Report Cruelty/Neglect

Call (814) 262-5450 any time of the day or night to give your report.

Make sure you have an accurate address when reporting a situation. If you do not know the address, name a nearby street or the nearest address. Make sure to provide a detailed description of the residence and clear directions to the address.

Please leave an address, a brief synopsis of the concern and a call-back number.

Please do not leave us a message asking us to call you back to get the information.

Please provide all the information we need in order to proceed immediately.

Do Not call multiple agencies with the same report.

We cannot always provide 24/7 coverage and there are delays in our response times. Because animal cruelty can occur at a time when our Humane Officer is unavailable or the cruelty is of an urgent or life-threatening nature requiring an immediate response, you can report cruelty to the local police who can also enforce the animal cruelty law found in Title 18, Chapter 55, Subchapter B of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. 

Habitat for Hounds' humane officers are only able to enforce the law in Cambria County. If you see cruelty/neglect in another county, please seek out the humane officer for that county. You can search humane officers by county via the Humane Society Police Officer Registry. If your county does not have a Humane Officer, contact your local police or District Attorney's Office.

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