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Foster Agreement

I make the above statements and voluntary enter into this agreement to provide a temporary home as a foster caregiver to any animals Habitat for Hounds may temporarily place in my care.

Terms and Conditions

  • I agree to provide a Habitat for Hound’s (also referred to as H4H) representative access to all parts of my home and property for a home inspection before my application to foster is approved.

  • I understand that I may be required to provide foster care to my foster animal for an extended and indefinite period of time.

  • I agree that I am 21 years of age, or older.

  • I understand that H4H provides no guarantee as to the health of my foster animal and that animal may have medical needs, socialization problems, and may not be house broken.

  • I agree to provide my foster animal with veterinary care as authorized by H4H. I will not arrange or pay for veterinary care for my foster animal without the express consent of an authorized H4H representative.

  • I will take all necessary precautions to prevent my foster animal from either impregnating another animal or becoming impregnated. In the event that happens, I will notify H4H immediately.

  • I understand that I may only have my foster animal temporarily.

  • I agree that I am fostering this animal for H4H, and that I do not have any right of ownership over my foster animal. I also agree to provide a H4H representative access to home and property to check on my foster animal, at any time that I am in possession of my foster animal.

  • I agree to immediately return any foster animal in my care to H4H at the request of its authorized representative at any time for any reason. If H4H is forced to undertake legal action to enforce this provision of the agreement, I agree to indemnify H4H for all court costs and attorney’s fees connected with such an action.

  • If I am planning to move at any time during the period when I am housing a foster animal, I agree to contact H4H prior to my move and provide H4H with my new contact information. I understand that H4H has the right to request return of my foster animal based on my change of residence, and agree that I will surrender my foster animal to H4H immediately upon request.

  • I understand that as long as I provide foster care to my foster animal to H4H’s satisfaction, I will be given the first right of adoption of my foster animal, at such time as H4H decides to place my foster animal for adoption.

  • If at any point I can no longer, or do not want to continue to provide care and shelter for my foster animal, I agree to contact H4H and arrange for surrender and return of my foster animal back to H4H.

  • I will not transfer possession or custody of my foster animal to any other person at any other time, except for temporary, short-term possession for the purpose of vet care, grooming, etc.

  • If I am planning to be absent from my home and need to seek temporary care for my foster animal, I will contact H4H immediately so that they can make other arrangements for the care of my foster animal.

  • I agree to contact H4H with any and all questions or concerns about my foster animal or the Foster Care Program as well as with updated contact information.

  • I agree that if I refuse or fail to comply with any provision of this agreement, H4H has the right to terminate this agreement and also has the right to the immediate surrender and return of my foster animal(s). I further consent to provide H4H access to my premises if necessary to facilitate the return.

I have read the application and agreement in its entirety, and I agree that all statements and agreements contained in this document are made and are truthful, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.

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