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Emergency Veterinary  Care Assistance Grant Program

Every year Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue assists with the costs of emergency veterinary care to pet owning families dealing with financial hardships. This program is presented to participating veterinarians in our area as a grant and is financed by fundraisers and donations. 

Grant Information and  Guidelines

  • Anyone in need of financial assistance must call one of the veterinarians within the Emergency Veterinary Care Assistance Grant Program Network. You will find a list of participating veterinarians at the bottom of this page.

  • The EVCA Grant Program is meant to provide financial assistance to families struggling with financial hardship and have a pet in need of  medical care. The purpose is to "assist" and not meant to cover the entire cost of services.

  • Recipients will be responsible for the remainder of their bill minus the voucher amount granted by the veterinarian.

  • Emergencies would be unexpected illnesses and injuries. Financial aid may only be received once per year per household. 

  • We DO NOT cover the following: “routine” office visits, vaccines, cremation, nail trims/grooming, spay/neuter (unless it is required for health purposes i.e. pyometra) routine care and blood work for already diagnosed conditions such as but not limited to diabetes. We will assist with euthanasia should that be necessary and treatment for Lyme disease as well as illnesses and injuries not mentioned above.

  • The EVCA  Grant Program is not to be used for individuals who have bred their animal or any other animal in their care or provide assistance to any known breeder.

  • All recipients are required to fill out an EVCA Grant Recipient Application​ provided by the veterinarian.

  • Grant amounts:  $25 - $100 depending on the illness/injury. Amount is granted at the veterinarian's discretion.

Emergency Veterinary Care Assistance Grant Program Network

Johnstown Veterinary Associates

215 Messenger Street

Johnstown, PA 15902

(814) 536-5105

Forest Hills Veterinary (established patients only)

132 Maxine Drive

Sidman, PA 15955

(814) 487-6231

Ebensburg Animal Hospital

922 Rowena Drive

Ebensburg, PA 15931

(814) 472-6263

Cambria Veterinary Care

516 Broad Street

Johnstown, PA 15906

(814) 288-8821

Richland Veterinary Hospital

1003 Eisenhower Blvd.

Johnstown, PA 15904

(814) 266-6412

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