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Please review the volunteer positions listed below before choosing. Thank You!

We depend on our volunteers for every aspect of our organization: fostering rescued dogs and cats, transporting them to foster families, taking dogs and cats to the veterinarian for treatment, becoming a part of our equine committee, coordinating adoption events and fundraisers, as well as assisting with administrative work to name a few! Each of these duties makes a huge difference in the lives of the animals we rescue. Thank you for taking the first step in helping us achieve our mission to rescue animals in our community.

Habitat for Hounds Animal Rescue is committed to utilizing your valuable skill set to help rescue, rehabilitate and re-home as many animals as possible. We depend on volunteers like you. Below are the most needed opportunities. Please review the descriptions of each position prior to submitting your application. The skills below are preferred, but not required. If you’re interested in fostering a dog, cat, or equine please fill out a volunteer application and the appropriate foster application available on our website.


* Animal and Pet Food Transport: Drives animals from a foster family home to a veterinarian clinic we partner or to the groomer. Also delivering pet food to fosters and families participating in the "No Empty Bowls" program . Skills preferred: Valid Pennsylvania driver’s license.

* Adoption Event Transport: Drives animals from a foster family home to an adoption event. Adoption events are held through out the year at various locations/events. Skills preferred: Valid Pennsylvania driver’s license and a large vehicle.

Foster a Dog or Cat: Provide a safe and loving home until a forever home is found. Skills Preferred: Basic knowledge of caring for dog/cat. Full fostering details can be found on our foster page. Don't forget to fill out a foster application!

* Dog Groomer: Provide bathing, brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning of rescued dogs. Skills preferred: Interest in getting wet and a facility to provide the service.

* Home Visits: Help with making home visits to the potential foster/adopter’s home and ensuring a good placement for the dog/cat. Skills preferred: Customer service skills. An outline/guide will be provided to help you determine if the home is suitable.

* Fundraising/Event Leader: Organizes the planning and execution of fundraising events, and other annual events. Tasks may include coordinating event logistics, marketing the event, setting up, breaking down, and ensuring appropriate recognition. Skills preferred: Basic dog knowledge, outstanding organization and interpersonal skills, flexible schedule and social media knowledge are a plus.

Fundraising/Events Committee: Participates in the planning , organizing, and execution of fundraisers, adoption, and other annual events. Skills preferred: Basic dog knowledge. Good writing and interpersonal skills, ability to stay organized and customer service skills.

* Volunteer Coordinator: Provides operational support for the recruitment, supervision, and retention of volunteers. Tasks may include screening volunteer applications, scheduling volunteer shifts, tracking volunteer hours, and coordinating volunteer events. Skills preferred: Basic dog knowledge, good organization and interpersonal skills and a desire to inspire others.

* Daily Operations Volunteer: Provides support to the rescue with data entry process and clerical support. Tasks include answering emails, making phone calls, writing thank you's, etc. Skills preferred: Good writing and interpersonal skills, attention to detail, ability to stay organized and proficiency with computers.

* Marketing/Media Leader: Create flyers and posters for up-coming events. Assist with updating and improving our website. Skills preferred: Knowledge of graphic design, good writing and interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and proficiency with computers.

* Equine Committee Leader: Organizes Transportation and arranges foster home/adoption placement for equines and other large animals being surrendered, seized, or adopted. Skills Preferred: Knowledge and experience of handling and caring for horses. flexible schedule, ability to stay organized, and customer service skills.

Equine Committee: This is a team of volunteers who are equipped with the proper means of transportation, housing, and or experience for horses. If you are interested in fostering an equine, please also fill out an equine foster/adopt application available on our website. If you are able to assist with transport, please contact us at info@habitat4houndsrescue.comSkills Preferred: Knowledge and experience of handling and caring for horses, flexible schedule, Truck for hauling, and or trailer. Pennsylvania driver's license for transport.

* Education Programs: Participate in presentations at schools and girl/boy scout troops to help educate children on responsible pet ownership. Skills preferred: Knowledge and experience with children of various age groups. Basic dog knowledge. Educational materials are provided.

Dog Houses/Straw Transport: Deliver dog houses and straw to pet families in need. Skills Needed: Valid Pennsylvania driver's license and a truck.

* Grant Writer: Writing grants that apply to the organization. Skills preferred: Knowledge and understanding of this organization, who we are, what we do, and what our needs are. Knowledge and experience in writing grants.

Most Important...Love and Compassion for Animals!

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